Vegan Protein Porridge

Vegan Protein Porridge

Vegan Protein Porridge

This vegan protein porridge has all the tasty convenience of velvety oatmeal with the included reward of nourishing protein from a couple of unexpected components! It’s even more delicious with nut butter, fruit, and other garnishes included.

An overhead image shows components of a vegan protein porridge breakfast.

An overhead image of the following ingredients in measuring cups: white lentils (urad dal), steel cut oats, and quinoa.

An overhead shot of mixed grains and lentils being rinsed in a mesh sieve over a bowl.

I have this love/hate relationship with exercising. I enjoy that it assists me clear my head a bit, the sensation of achievement when I knock it out initially thing in the early morning, and the post exercise consumes like this protein porridge. However, making it into a day-to-day constant is a battle for me. If I mistake 2 days in a row, I enter “Why trouble?” mode and concentrate on other things rather of making that time to move my one valuable body.

I simply ended up listening to The Power of Practice, and when he explains the principle of “little wins” and how we develop routines around those wins whether it’s while we’re running errands and we have a “Treat yourself” minute, or we simply psychologically acknowledge that we did an advantage once the important things is done, something clicked for me. Little wins may make me 100% love exercising.

I attempt to run 5 times a week. It isn’t an incredibly long term or anything, however I still get up early to do it. At the end, when I’m winded and overheated, I press myself to do a 30 2nd sprint constantly in front of the exact same 5-6 homes. I simply dig deep. Then, I do a sweaty and blissed out walk house since I seem like an employer for running so quickly with very little gas left in the tank. It’s a little win that begins my day of rest with a great deal of positivity and confidence.

However the point of all of this is the post-workout consumes. On any early morning listed below 20 degrees, porridge needs to be my very first meal. It’s my preferred home cooking beyond anything served with marinara sauce. I was considering making a protein porridge of sorts, however I didn’t wish to go the protein powder path. Then I kept in mind the little bag of white lentils (or urad dal) that I had in my kitchen.

And it actually works well here! I soak the grains and lentils over night and after that prepare them together with almond milk, a little vanilla, water, and salt. As soon as you fill up the garnishes, you would not even understand that the lentils remain in the mix. They truthfully have the exact same level of chew that the oats do and they assist to starch the entire thing up genuine great. It’s so velvety. I believe this may be my go-to porridge mix for a while. The concept concerned me on a run, too! That’s 2 little wins;-RRB-

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A 3/4 angle shot of mixed grains and lentils simmering in water.

An up close, overhead shot of a bowl of porridge with a dollop of fruit compote on top.

An overhead shot of a bowl of porridge with a dollop of peanut butter, fruit compote, and coconut flakes on top.

Vegan Post-Workout Protein Porridge

This vegan protein porridge has all the tasty convenience of velvety oatmeal with the nourishing protein of a couple of unexpected components included.

PREPARATION TIME 10 minutes COOK TIME 25 minutes Soaking Time 8 hrs OVERALL TIME 25 minutes

Course Breakfast Diet Plan Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Servings: 4

Author: Laura Wright



  • 1/2 cup steel-cut oats licensed gluten-free if needed
  • 1/2 cup quinoa
  • 1/2 cup white lentils aka urad dal
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • 2 cups water + additional
  • 2 cups non-dairy milk + additional
  • 3/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • 3/4 teaspoon vanilla powder optional


  • ground cinnamon
  • ground cardamom
  • newly grated nutmeg
  • fruit compote
  • nut/seed butter
  • coconut flakes
  • sliced nuts/seeds
  • heated up non-dairy milk


  • In a big bowl, integrate the steel-cut oats, quinoa, lentils, and apple cider vinegar. Cover the grains with warm water and delegate soak over night.
  • The next day, drain and wash the grains and lentils. In a big pan, bring the 2 cups of water, plant-based milk, salt, and vanilla powder, if utilizing, to a simmer. Include the grains and lentils to the pan and stir. Bring the porridge to a strong simmer. Prepare the porridge up until thickened and velvety, stirring often, about 25 minutes amount to. Include more liquid if the porridge appears dry.
  • Serve the protein porridge hot with a lot of garnishes. See headnote for make-ahead guidelines.


  • If you’re making this ahead for meal preparation, cool the porridge down totally. Then, part 1-cup portions of the prepared porridge into sealable containers. Shop these in the refrigerator. When you’re all set to reheat, scrape out the porridge into a little pan and include a huge splash of plant-based milk. Set the pan over medium heat and stir often up until porridge is simmering. Serve hot with garnishes.
  • The soaking isn’t absolutely needed, however I do discover that the porridge does not feel as heavy when I do make the effort to do it. Likewise, the soaking appears to mellow the lentils a touch more. Your option!
  • For a fast compote here, I integrated a handful of sliced strawberries, a huge handful of blueberries, a drizzle of maple syrup, splash of water, a pinch of vanilla powder, and a capture of lemon juice in a little saute pan over medium heat. As the berries prepared, I mashed them with a fork to make it saucy. Once it thickened a bit, I took it off the heat.
  • I believe you might utilize the more typical red split lentils here, however you might lower the quantity of liquid by a 1/2 cup. Likewise, the colour absolutely will not be as velvety, however you’ll get the exact same result in general.
  • White lentils can be bought through lots of outlets online, and for my Canadians: I have actually been purchasing them at Bulk Barn.

Program Conceal 28 remarks

  • Claire

    Can you replace the oats for millet or more quinoa/lentils? Reply

    • Laura

      Hey Claire,
      I believe you might change the oats with millet or more quinoa (I would not do more lentils), however I would cut down the quantity of liquid by a complete cup. Then, as the porridge is simmering and appearing like it’s done, if you require to include more water/milk, include it to your taste near completion. Likewise, it goes without stating that porridge will not be as velvety if you take the oats out of the formula. Let me understand what it resembles if you attempt it!
      L Reply

  • Sonja

    This sounds so excellent! I enjoy oat and quinoa porridge, so I am absolutely attempting this one out … Terrific concept to include the lentils! Reply

  • Anya

    This is genius! Will attempt asap:-RRB- Reply

  • Louise Skadhauge

    5 times a week! Wow that’s remarkable and a high objective, helpful for you when you accomplish it:-RRB- otherwise I would not worry excessive over any “missed out on” days … however that’s simply me:-RRB-
    I’m likewise actually into blending various cereals in my breakfast bowls nowadays, gluten totally free oats and buckwheat are my present favorites:-RRB- Reply

  • Malin|Great Consumings

    What a remarkable Concept Laura! Om going to attempt this for sure therefore excellent to prepare a couple of parts in one go to heat through the week with breakfasts that take a bit longer. Thanks for the dish and sharing your exercise story, brand-new routines remain in the making here too however running is still frightening to me. Great on you for supporting it! ✨ Reply

  • Carrie

    Thanks a lot! Constantly searching for excellent breakfast options-especially post exercise because my other half remains in the military and requires a great deal of fuel each early morning. Can not wait to attempt this when the weather condition cools off here. Reply

  • Kris

    Completely genius! Reply

  • Nadia

    This looks SO excellent. I will need to provide it a shot! Reply

  • Ewlake

    What a great concept eagerly anticipate attempting it. And I enjoy your blue-splatter meals could you share the source? Thanks! Reply

    • Laura

      They’re from IKEA! I got them on clearance there a couple months earlier, so I’m not exactly sure if they’re still bring them. Crossing my fingers for ya;-RRB-
      L Reply

  • Becky

    Amen to the little success !! As somebody who likewise attempts to run/workout regularly, I have actually discovered that having visual markers while I’m running makes a HUGE distinction if I run out gas. Like, “Simply make it to that green home,” and after that, “Simply make it to the next stop indication.” Prior to I understand it, I’m house!:-RRB-

    Love this dish concept too! I believe I’ll attempt it with red lentils, however is it essential to utilize steel-cut oats or will routine rolled oats work simply as well? Thank you! -Becky Reply

    • Laura

      Thank you for this, Becky! I utilize steel-cut since I like the little bit of chew that they give the table. If you’re utilizing rolled oats, you’ll need to lower the quantity of liquid significantly by a minimum of a cup. Likewise, rolled oats will absolutely break down in the quantity of time required to prepare the quinoa and lentils. May produce a creamier porridge though? I have not attempted any of these replacements, so can’t ensure any outcomes, however even the worst porridge is quickly salvageable with maple syrup;-RRB-
      L Reply

  • Valentina|Heaven Bride-to-be

    I’m 100% with your about exercising. I matured in ballet class 5-6 days a week for a minimum of 3 hours at a time so when I left it was actually tough for me to discover a method to move my body that keeps me interested. I get tired quickly.
    Anyhow, utilizing urad dal is such an excellent concept! Can’t wait to attempt it:D Reply

  • Cassie Fall Tran

    There are absolutely some routines that I wish to integrate into my way of life too! I’m quite strong with getting my butt to the fitness center or fitting in a complete session anywhere, however it’s extending that gets me in problem I simply never ever do it! I understand that extending post-workout is so essential, for this reason I wish to gradually include a minute of extending then as a result increase the time as much as 5 minutes by a couple of weeks from now!
    Anyways, sweet lentils? Seems like an excellent strategy to me! This porridge looks tasty for the fall and winter season! I’m currently caring oatmeal in the summer season as long as it’s at an appropriate temperature level! So why not? Reply

  • Natalia

    A lot motivation in your post, Laura! I so appreciate you for this! Thank you! Reply

  • Charlotte

    I turned this into the most pleasantly velvety however hot mouth-watering breakfast bowl with some pulverised fresh ginger, wilted spinach, fresh vine tomatoes and a drizzle of Sriracha (undoubtedly!). Can’t wait to attempt the sweet variation though- peanut butter and roasted strawberries ready:D Reply

  • Abby @ Heart of a Baker

    I sooo feel you on this! I enjoy enjoy my hot yoga classes, however I constantly go through this entire WTF am I doing I’m going to pass away thing prior to seeming like an employer when I’m ended up. Some days I simply need to inform myself to make it through another circulation or more more vinyasa and I’ll be closer to consuming, ha! Reply

  • Alex

    Great For you, lady! Running 5 times a week! I can hardly work myself as much as 2:( That’s a huge success as far as I’m worried.

    I enjoy that this porridge can be made beforehand and reheated. And it’s such an appeal, too! Reply

  • Maria

    Never ever would have believed to put lentils in a b-fast porridge however I wager the taste works incredibly. Constantly wanting to instill more protein into my diet plan!! Running has actually been kicking my butt recently, so I’m scarfing nuts and disposing hemp and chia on whatever like its heading out of design. This looks more tasty and makes me feel a bit less like a squirrel;-RRB- Reply

  • Sherry

    Oh my goodness, Laura, WHITE LENTILS in a grain porridge, how dazzling! A million thanks for sharing this stroke of genius, lady! (Ok, a non-breakfast lentil idea: slipping puréed red lentils into your summer season gazpacho ups the protein on it, too …)
    I never ever enjoy exercising, seriously, I’m so sorry to confess however it holds true. Nevertheless, the favorable capability for establishing excellent routines: that actually resonates. Thanks for that. Reply

  • Susan

    What an excellent dish! I can not wait to attempt this out after my exercise regimen, thanks for the share! Reply

  • Meg|Meg is Well

    I’m the specific very same method! Despite the fact that I constantly feel much better after I work out, if I miss out on a couple days in a row I begin to get in the routine of not making the effort. Making porridge has actually constantly been a leisurely relaxing procedure so I can’t think of a much better method of gratifying myself. Reply

  • Lily

    White lentils dazzling. Even much better the 2nd day. The cardamom genuinely raised it. I made a blackberry compote and tossed in fresh peach pieces. Pretty remarkable. My grains and lentils stayed unique and specific, however, so it didn’t handle the level of porridge-creaminess that your pictures appear to reveal. Love all the protein and fiber. Thanks for an excellent, ingenious dish. Reply

  • Lily

    I have actually consumed this nearly day-to-day because you published this magnificent dish. To believe I utilized to consume simply plain old oatmeal! 2 things I should share from my experience with it now:

    Initially, soaking is a MUST. Believe me. The one time I didn’t soak I needed to ostracize myself from respectful business for 2 days.

    2nd, I discover that cooking it partly covered with a cover makes it a creamier porridge and less granular and stiff, if that makes good sense.

    Love, love, enjoy it each early morning after a huge walking! Terrific things! Reply

  • Jill

    This appearance terrific! I’m questioning of you, or among your readers, ever made this in the Immediate Pot? I understand it would work, simply not exactly sure how to change the liquid. Running 5 days a week is remarkable! I simply began a boot-camp class today. I’m so aching, however enjoying it. Thank you! Reply

  • Jo

    Hey Laura, this looks remarkable. A best delicious protein increase! Sadly I dislike quinoa so was going to sub millet. Should I soak this too? Thanks a lot. Jo Reply

    • Laura

      Hey Jo,
      Millet would work terrific here. You would soak it simply the exact same as the quinoa.
      L Reply

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