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Actually Easy Char Siu (Chinese Barbeque Pork)

My supreme home cooking is a bowl of fluffy rice, splashed in sweet soy sauce with sparkling shiny pieces of Chinese barbeque pork aka char siu. It was among our go-to suppers maturing, like practically all Chinese households out there since it’s so darn simple. Obviously at that time we would simply head to our … Read more


Chinese Sticky Rice (糯米雞/ Lo Mai Gai)

Shiny sticky rice studded with Chinese sausage, tender pieces of chicken, and umami-rich mushrooms, this Chinese sticky rice, aka lo mai gai, is the ideal stick-to-your ribs type of meal. It’s been getting cold! Suddenly it got actually cold. So cold that we can see our breath in the air and needed to pull our … Read more

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