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Raw Raspberry & Vanilla Chia Pudding

Raw Raspberry & Vanilla Chia Pudding I’m going to be straight with you people: I comprised a huge batch of this raw and luscious raspberry chia pudding so that I might consume it for breakfast. It’s completely sweet, quite pink, warm with vanilla, mega-rich with almonds and coconut oil … and insane great for you. … Read more


Strawberry Rosewater Chia Fresca

Strawberry Rosewater Chia Fresca Stunning and hydrating strawberry chia fresca with lemon and rosewater is best for warm summertime days on the patio area or post-workout hydration. Do chia beverages freak you out? I sort of gravitate to the juices and other beverages with all the little floaties in them. I’m everything about that hydration … Read more

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