Milk Bread

Milk Bread

The most convenient Japanese milk bread dish you might ever perhaps expect. No tangzong, no yudane, no over night increase, simply same-day, soft, and fluffy bread.

Japanese milk bread

This is the bread I wish to reside in. I wish to snuggle in a squish bread sleeping bag and simply day dream throughout the day about toast and toast garnishes. I’m quite sure I have actually stated this in the past, however opening a toast coffee shop would be my supreme dream. In my toast coffee shop I would offer toast (obviously) however I would likewise offer loaves and loaves of this wonderfully fluffy bread.

There’s simply something so soothing about milk bread, aka Japanese shokupan. Is its gratifying squishiness? The reality that it rises to another level in Japan? Or is it simply the reality that I enjoy soft white bread and milk bread is the supreme variation? I might never ever understand the response and I’m alright with it due to the fact that I more than happy permanently consuming and looking for the best milk bread dish.

I made this milk bread in what they call “mountain design” or “yama” 山 in Japanese. It’s due to the fact that the rounded bulges look like mountain tops. If you have an interest in making square milk bread, have a look at my dish here.

What is milk bread?

Milk bread is a Japanese design white bread that is extremely soft, white, fluffy, and shredable. It has crusts that are soft and thin and the withins are milky-sweet with a plume lightness that melts in your mouth. There are actually numerous bakeshops in Japan that focus on milk bread where individuals regularly line up for hours. Shokupan, or milk bread, is both a basic and raised affair in Japan. Similar to ramen, there are lots of, several manner ins which it’s made. Some loaves are made with yudane, a roux made with a mix of boiling warm water and flour; some are made with tangzhong, a prepared roux made with flour and water; and some are made with simply a mix of flour, milk, sugar, yeast. Including eggs and butter modifications the taste profile and texture.

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What is Hokkaido milk bread?

Hokkaido milk bread is the exact same as this Japanese milk bread, however used components such as milk and flour from Hokkaido. Does it make a distinction? Yes! However is it much better? It depends upon your taste and what you’re utilized to. Nogami notoriously utilizes flour from Canada rather due to the fact that he believes it is much better.

My finest Japanese bread dish

This specific dish does not have yudane or tangzhong, however is still extremely soft and shreddable. Even days after the loaf was baked the pieces were soft, squishy and damp. It’s the very best loaf of milk bread that I have actually ever made, simply the correct amount of sweet taste with a light, yet chewy, tight crumb.

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Milk bread components

  • Milk. Milk bread would not be milk bread without milk. I like complete fat milk so you can truly taste the creaminess. If just I were still in Japan I would utilize Hokkaido milk to make a Hokkaido milk bread!
  • Egg. An entire egg is utilized to make the milk bread additional abundant. The yolk softens and brightens up the crumb and due to the fact that eggs are a leavener, you likewise get an extremely high loaf.
  • Yeast. You can’t make bread without yeast! I utilize immediate dry yeast which can be included directly to the flour and does not require to be triggered in warm water.
  • Sugar. All milk loaves are bit sweet thanks to sugar.
  • Butter. Butter includes additional richness.
  • Flour. You’ll wish to utilize bread flour due to the fact that it has more protein than all function. The greater quantities of protein are what types gluten, which provides this loaf it’s soft and shredable hairs.
  • Salt. Simply a touch of salt for taste.

How to make milk bread

The majority of bread dishes have you blend together all the dry components, then blend in the damp ones, however after a lot of exploring, I have actually discovered that including all the liquid components to the bottom of your bowl, then putting the dry components on the top produce a more even blend, specifically when you’re utilizing a stand mixer. By layering the dry components on the damp, you do not need to scrape the bowl down as much and you do not wind up with any dry bits at the bottom of the bowl that do not get integrated.

  1. Include. To the bowl of your stand mixer, include this order: water, milk, egg, yeast, sugar, butter, flour, and salt.
  2. Knead. Mix on low for 5 minutes with the dough hook, then show up to medium and knead for 15 minutes minimum. You wish to knead till you reach the windowpane phase: take a little bit of dough in your hand and stretch it out, if you can extend it out thin without it breaking, you’re great to go.
  3. Evidence. Collect all the dough into a ball and let it rest and puff up.
  4. Forming. Divide the dough into 3 equivalent pieces then form the dough into jelly rolls (more on that down listed below). The jelly roll shapes will assist the bread get additional fluffy. Pop it into a loaf pan and let it evidence once again.
  5. Bake. When the loaf is high and proofed, bake it simply till it’s prepared through and golden on top.

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A note on size and shaping

I made this in a basic loaf pan (8.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 this specific one) however I seem like my bulges might have been even greater. Next time I will most likely change so that I have a bit more dough to get a taller piece. Do not hesitate to compute your perfect overall dough weight based upon the bakers’ portions listed below.

A note on weights and scales

You’ll discover that all the procedures in this dish remain in grams. Bread is quite darn exact, and volume procedures simply can’t produce a constant loaf of bread. If you have not started to get a kitchen area scale yet, a great scale will serve you method beyond this dish. This one is generally under $15 and it’s what we utilize (we have 3!).

Milk bread bakers’ portions

  • Overall dough weight = 502 grams
  • Hydration = 73%
  • 80 grams water 30%
  • 40 grams milk 15%
  • 57 grams egg 21%
  • 6 grams immediate dry yeast 2%
  • 24 grams sugar 9%
  • 20 grams butter 7%
  • 270 grams bread flour 100%
  • 5 grams salt 2%

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What can I make with milk bread?

Now that you have a remarkable loaf of milk bread, what to do? Obviously you must consume a number of pieces simply fresh, soft and squishy. Or gently toast it up with a slick of truly truly great butter with a spray of flaky sea salt. If you’re searching for more motivation, your fluffy bread will be best in these:

  • Tamagoyaki french toast
  • Chicken katsu sandwich
  • Japanese strawberry sandwich
  • LA’s well-known Konbi egg sandwich

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Milk bread

The most convenient Japanese milk bread dish you might ever perhaps desire. So soft, so fluffy, so simple.
Serves 4
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Preparation Time 20 minutes Prepare Time 25 minutes Proofing Time 2 hrs Overall Time 2 hrs 45 minutes

Active Ingredients

  • 80 g water warm
  • 40 g milk warm
  • 57 g egg ( 1 big)
  • 6 g immediate dry yeast
  • 24 g sugar
  • 20 g saltless butter space temperature
  • 270 g bread flour
  • 5 g salt

Unique Devices

  • kitchen area scale
  • basic loaf pan


  • In the bowl of a stand mixer, include the following order: water, milk, egg, yeast, sugar, butter, flour, and salt. Mix on low speed with the dough hook for 5 minutes till the dough comes together in a shaggy mass, scraping down the bowl as required.milk bread recipe |
  • Continue to knead on medium for 15 more minutes. Do the windowpane test: take a piece of dough about the size of a golf ball and stretch it out in between your fingers and thumbs. If you can extend it without the dough breaking, you’re great to go. The dough will be really soft and ugly attempt to withstand including flour. With floured hands, shape into a ball and transfer to a tidy gently floured bowl and cover with cling wrap.japanese milk bread recipe |
  • Let evidence in a bowl till tripled in size, about 1 hour.hokkaido milk bread |
  • Take the dough and idea it out onto a gently floured surface area. Punch down gently then divide into 3 equivalent parts. Take one ball of dough and gently present into an to make japanese milk bread |
  • Bring the 2 sides of the oval towards the middle.shaping milk bread |
  • Then roll it up. making milk bread |
  • Repeat with the staying 2 parts of dough. Location the 3 rolls in a loaf pan (I utilized a non-stick pan, gently oil or butter your pan if it isn’t non-stick), cover (I put a big bowl overtop the entire pan) and let evidence till doubled, about 40 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Heat the oven to 355 ° F after the dough has actually been proofing for thirty minutes.japanese milk bread |
  • Bake for 20-25 minutes or till the bread is golden and prepared through if you utilize a thermometer it must be 189 ° F. If the tops begin to brown excessive, gently cover with a piece of foil. Brush with cream or butter if you desire a glossy top. Eliminate from the pan right away and cool totally on a cake rack. Slice and take pleasure in!milk bread |


I make my own bread flour at house with all function flour and important wheat gluten. Important wheat gluten is the protein discovered in wheat and what alters the protein portion of your flour. If you wish to utilize all function flour and include important wheat gluten to up the protein material, you require to include 2.67 grams of important wheat gluten to the flour. No requirement to alter the flour measurement.
Dish influenced by @buttermilkpantry

Approximated Nutrition

Nutrition Information.
Milk bread.

Quantity Per Serving.

Calories 327
Calories from Fat 56

% Daily Worth *

Fat 6.2 g 10% Hydrogenated fat 3.2 g 20% Cholesterol 58mg 19% Salt 537mg 23% Potassium 96mg 3% Carbs 58.1 g 19% Fiber 1.8 g 8% Sugar 6.7 g 7% Protein 8.9 g 18% * Percent Daily Worths are based upon a 2000 calorie diet plan.

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