Crispy Rice

Crispy Rice

I am definitely in love with crispy rice. It’s cherished around the the world: the saffron yellow socarrat of Spanish paella, the golden crispiness of Persian tahdig, and the very best parts of Korean hot stone bowl dolsot bibimbap.

Crispy rice has the most fragrant cozy nuttiness and I can’t get enough. Often when I make rice on the range, I let the bottom get blistered a little so I can have a little reward. I enjoy it a lot that whenever I see a crispy rice meal when we head out to consume, I need to have it.

It’s quite typical on Korean or Japanese menus: a little crispy rice nugget completed with spicy tuna or salmon with a stack of kimchi or very finely sliced scallions. It’s the very best bite: mouthwatering and nutty from the crispy rice, fresh from the fish, a bit spicy, and complete of taste and texture.

What is crispy rice?

Crispy rice is a little crispy rice cake made from fresh or remaining rice. You can utilize plain rice, however it tastes even much better if you season it as sushi rice. Press the rice into a pan and chill it over night and the next day, you cut the rice into little cakes and fry them up until crisp on the outdoors and tender on the within. You can treat on the crispy rice cakes as is or leading them off with a myriad of garnishes!

Crispy Rice |

Tiktok crispy rice

Crispy rice has actually been trending all over Tiktok and I am here for it. There are many Tiktoks of individuals making beautiful little crispy rice cakes. Some individuals utilize remaining rice, some individuals make rice fresh, a few of them deep fry, some shallow fry, generally anything enters the crispy rice world. I’m uncertain who trended initially with crispy rice however for me, I based this dish off of the spicy tuna volcano at Gyu Kaku, a Japanese barbeque location. The spicy tuna volcano is stack of spicy tuna on crispy fried rice and it’s so great. I constantly purchase it when we go. Tiktok motivated me to make my own in the house!

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Crispy rice components

All you require is:

  • rice— the very best rice to utilize is brief grain Japanese rice. That’s what they utilize to make sushi. We normally purchase a bag of Koshihikari, which is a popular kind of rice range from Japan. Koshihikari is soft, damp, fluffy, a little bit nutty and sweet. It has incredible texture and taste.
  • rice vinegar— opt for unseasoned rice vinegar since we’re going to season to taste with sugar and salt. They offer rice vinegar in the Asian aisle at many supermarket. We normally purchase Kikkoman or Marukan unseasoned rice vinegar.
  • sugar— there’s a little bit of sugar in sushi vinegar, it includes sweet taste and complete the rice vinegar.
  • salt— among the 3 elements of sushi vinegar.
  • oil— you’ll require a little bit of neutral oil to fry the rice cakes. I like utilizing canola, rice bran, or grapeseed. You do not require much, we’re not deep frying, simply shallow frying.
  • garnishes— you can enjoy your crispy rice cakes plain (I do it all the time, dipped in spicy mayo!) or you can top it with whatever your heart desires. I consisted of some motivation down below.

How to make crispy rice

First of all you require to make rice, ideally brief grain rice! I like to make rice on the range. Here’s how I do it:

  1. Wash and wash one cup of rice up until the water runs clear.
  2. Include the rice and one and a quarter cup water to a pot with a cover. Bring whatever to a boil over high heat and when it’s bubbling quickly, turn the heat down and put the cover on.
  3. Let it cook on low, covered, without glancing, for 17 minutes.
  4. When the time is up, leave the cover on for the rice to steam for 10 minutes.
  5. When the 10 minutes are up, fluff up the rice.

Sushi rice |

While your rice is cooking, make the sushi vinegar. Integrate rice vinegar, sugar, and salt in a microwaveable container. Microwave for about 30 seconds then stir to integrate.

  1. After you fluff the rice, put the sushi vinegar over it and utilize a spatula or rice paddle to fold the vinegar into the rice.
  2. Press the sushi rice into a baking pan, cover and location in the refrigerator over night.
  3. The next day, take the rice out of the pan and utilize a sharp knife to slice into 2 x 3/4 inch pieces. Now you’re all set to crisp them up!

To pan fry

Warm up a generous quantity of oil in a pan over medium heat. Include the rice cakes and fry up until golden and crispy, turning as soon as.

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To air fry

Gently coat the rice cakes with oil and air fry at 400 ° F for 15 minutes, turning midway through.

To bake

Heat the oven to 475 ° F. Put down a sheet of aluminum foil and gently brush with neutral oil. Gently coat the rice cakes with neutral oil and bake, turning as soon as, up until crisp and gently golden, 15-20 minutes.

Tips and techniques

  • Do not avoid out on seasoning the rice! Plain rice will absolutely work for this, however experienced sushi rice is much better.
  • Mentioning rice, if you have it, utilize brief grain Japanese rice. Our preferred rice is Koshihikari.
  • Gently damp your hands or spatula when pushing the rice into the pan so it does not stick.
  • It’s appealing to simply pop the rice into the refrigerator, provide it an hour, and slice it up, however if wait up until it strengthens over night, you’ll wind up with a a lot more nicely sliced rice cake.
  • Take your time and crisp the rice up until golden and crispy. It’s appealing to show up the heat however low and sluggish is the method to go.

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Crispy rice garnishes

Go wild! Basically you’re making a crispy sushi rice cake so anything that you have actually had on sushi will taste incredible. Attempt:

  • sashimi grade tuna or salmon diced and combined with kewpie mayo, sriracha, and fish eggs
  • crab, avocado, kewpie mayo
  • miso baked eggplant
  • miso tuna salad
  • Japanese egg salad
  • if you’re vegan, sub the tuna or salmon with cubes of tomato

Additional crispy!

Crispy Rice Recipe |

Crispy Rice

How to make beautiful, nutty, gratifying crispy rice cakes topped with spicy tuna or salmon.
Serves 4
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Preparation Time 30 minutes Prepare Time 5 minutes Overall Time 35 minutes

Active Ingredients

  • 1 cup brief grain rice ideally Koshihikari
  • 2 tablespoon rice vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 pound tuna sushi grade, or salmon
  • 1/4 cup kewpie mayo
  • 1 tablespoon sriracha
  • 2 tsp soy sauce
  • 1 tsp toasted sesame oil
  • 1 avocado sliced
  • 1-2 jalapeños sliced
  • toasted sesame seeds as required


  • Location the sushi rice in a colander, wash throughly and let drain for 15 minutes. Prepare rice according to the plan guidelines or your choice.Cooked rice |
  • While the rice is cooking, blend together the rice vinegar, sugar, and salt, up until the sugar and salt liquifies.Seasoned rice vinegar |
  • Transfer the rice to a big bowl and fluff. Spray on the sushi vinegar and utilize a rice paddle to fold the sushi vinegar into the rice.Sushi rice |
  • Line a baking tray with parchment paper or cling wrap. Spread out the rice out, pushing it down, up until it has to do with 3/4 inch high. Cover and let cool in the refrigerator over night.Sushi rice cooling |
  • The next day, make the spicy tuna and prep the garnishes. Cut the tuna into little pieces. Integrate the tuna with the kewpie mayo, sriracha, soy sauce, and toasted sesame oil. Keep cold in the refrigerator.negitoro |
  • Take the rice out of the refrigerator and slice into 2 inch by 3/4 inch pieces. Warm up a generous quantity of oil in a pan and heat it up over medium heat.Making crispy rice |
  • Include the rice cakes and fry up until golden and crispy, turning as soon as. Drain pipes on a cake rack.Crisped rice |
  • Leading the crispy rice with pieces of avocado, the spicy tuna, a piece of jalapeño, and a spray of toasted sesame seeds. Take pleasure in!Crispy Rice |

Approximated Nutrition

Nutrition Information.
Crispy Rice.

Quantity Per Serving.

Calories 436
Calories from Fat 198

% Daily Worth *

Fat 22g 34% Hydrogenated fat 3.7 g 23% Cholesterol 20mg 7% Salt 860mg 37% Potassium 257mg 7% Carbs 26.5 g 9% Fiber 3.5 g 15% Sugar 3.4 g 4% Protein 30.8 g 62% * Percent Daily Worths are based upon a 2000 calorie diet plan.

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